Why SOAR® Social-Emotional Learning Skills Curriculum is the #1 Alternative to the Second Step SEL Curriculum

Are you seeking an engaging, effective, and relatable Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum for your students?

Look no further! The SOAR Social-Emotional Learning Skills Curriculum stands out as the premier alternative to the Second Step SEL Curriculum for several compelling reasons.

Addressing the Common Criticisms of Second Step

1. Cost:

Many educators and administrators have voiced concerns about the high cost of the Second Step program. At SOAR, we believe quality SEL education should be accessible to all schools, which is why our curriculum is affordably priced without compromising on content or effectiveness.

2. Access to Materials:

Teachers have reported difficulties accessing Second Step’s materials, leading to interruptions and frustration. SOAR ensures seamless access to all curriculum components through a user-friendly platform, making it easy for teachers to find and utilize resources without any hassle.

3. Handling Sensitive Topics:

Second Step has faced criticism for its approach to sensitive topics, with some parents and teachers worried about students being asked to share personal feelings in a potentially uncomfortable setting. At SOAR, we prioritize creating a safe, supportive environment. Our curriculum includes mindfulness activities and private reflection exercises that allow students to explore their emotions without feeling exposed or vulnerable.

4. Engaging Content:

Second Step has been labeled dull, dry, and boring by both teachers and students. The overly professional tone can feel disconnected from the real-life experiences of teens. In contrast, SOAR’s curriculum is vibrant and inviting, featuring personal stories, real-world examples, relatable videos, simple brain biology explanations, and down-to-earth language. Our content speaks directly to students in a way that resonates with their everyday challenges and experiences.

Why SOAR is the Preferred Choice

1. Rooted in CASEL Core Competencies:

The SOAR Social-Emotional Learning Skills Curriculum is firmly grounded in the CASEL Core Competencies, ensuring it meets high educational standards while being practical and relevant for students.

2. Real-World Relevance:

Our curriculum uses personal stories and real-world examples that make abstract concepts tangible and relatable for students. This approach helps students see the direct impact of SEL skills in their daily lives.

3. Relatable and Approachable:

SOAR’s use of down-to-earth language and relatable videos helps bridge the gap between educators and students. This connection fosters a more engaging and effective learning environment.

4. Positive Teacher and Student Feedback:

Teachers consistently report that students enjoy the SOAR curriculum, appreciating its practical solutions to everyday challenges. The curriculum’s design reflects an understanding of teens’ experiences, making it both impactful and easy to implement.

5. Comprehensive and Flexible:

Our curriculum is comprehensive yet flexible, allowing teachers to adapt lessons to suit their classroom dynamics and individual student needs. This flexibility ensures that all students can benefit from the SEL skills being taught.

Join the growing number of schools (4,200+) that use SOAR Curriculum. Discover a refreshing, effective, and student-friendly approach to SEL education that truly makes a difference.

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