SOAR® Social-Emotional Learning App (Home Edition)

Why Does My Child Need Emotional Intelligence?

Modern day students are more connected than previous generations, but this “digital connection” is very different.  With less and less face-to-face, in-person communication, students are perceiving others’ communications without the added benefit of observing facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice.

Furthermore, the “invisibility” of this communication is depriving adults the opportunity to coach/mentor children through navigating various communication patterns and situations.

This all means that students are “on their own” to process their (and others’) emotions.

Therefore, emotional intelligence is like the “Wild West” of well-being, and leads to a very fearful, self-centered, low-empathy disposition.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way!  Through acknowledging our childrens’ feelings and helping them name them and understand them, we can help them positively interact with the world while experiencing joy and success. Ultimately, this leads to building strong, positive, and healthy relationships

A study by Loyola University and the University of Illinois found that students who learn Social-Emotion skills, consistently out-perform those without SEL training.  Furthermore, students learning SEL report significantly improved attitudes and behavior.

Building Emotional Intelligence is fun and engaging.

Students love to learn how their brain works, and why they feel the way they do in various situations.  It validates many of their life experiences, but more importantly it better prepares them for life’s challenges yet to come.

All parents want their children to be strong, confident, kind, empathetic, and experience joy in life.  The underlying factor to all of these is a positive well-being, and that all comes from emotional intelligence.

Great News!!!  Building emotional intelligence is as simple as learning a little more about yourself.  And, your child can do that online anywhere, anytime, on any device, with the SOAR® Social-Emotional Learning App (online course).

The SOAR® Social-Emotional Learning App = Simplicity!

The Online App Includes:

  • Interactive content and games
  • “How-to” videos, illustrating strategies
  • Fully narrated slides, for reading support
  • Quizzes and assessments
  • Badges and certificates awarded
  • Easy access from any device

What Does SOAR® Teach?

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), also known as emotional intelligence is about understanding one’s self and others. It includes skills such as:

  • Awareness of our emotions 
  • Managing our emotions and our interactions with others
  • Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with others
  • Making responsible decisions

What Do Parents & Students Think About SOAR®?

Proven to Be Effective…

The SOAR® Social-Emotional Learning App is 100% aligned with the competencies to ensure that all of the necessary emotional intelligence skills are covered.

That’s why your satisfaction is guaranteed!  100% money-back if you’re not happy. Click here for details about the guarantee.

What Is the SOAR® Social-Emotional Learning App Worth?

While we refer to this as an “App,” it’s really more of a digital course.  We decided to call it an “App” because of its flexibility to access the content anywhere, on any device, at any time.  The alternative to learning these skills from the SOAR® Social-Emotional Learning App is working with a counselor/tutor that requires a set time and a set location (along with transportation).

The amount of content in the App would require approximately 20 sessions with a counselor/tutor at a cost of $45-125 per session… That means learning these skills could cost you as much as $2,500!

So, for less than the cost of your first visit with a private counselor or a big-box tutoring center, we offer this affordable pricing for the SOAR® Social-Emotional Learning App:

Get started on the path to self-awareness, self-management, and responsibility!  Get your SOAR® Social-Emotional Learning App today!

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