Why SOAR Works

SOAR® SEL Skills consistently deliver effective results for students because the strategies are:

  • Aligned to the human brain, 
  • Built to be student-friendly, and 
  • Deliberately designed to function in the “real world.”

SEL Strategies Aligned to the Brain

Through her two decades of work with students and extensive research, Susan Kruger, M.Ed. developed a revolutionary model… The Motivation Circuit™ identifies how emotions are an on/off switch for the brain. Without this understanding, and knowing how to handle it, most people find themselves “trapped” by their emotions. 

Understanding brain biology is key to building strong emotional intelligence….

SEL Strategies Are Built to Be Student-Friendly

SOAR® is extremely sensitive about providing materials that will work for students. All strategies presented in SOAR® SEL Skills must pass three filters for being “student-friendly”…

  1. SEL strategies must be effective. Obviously! We’re not on this mission to waste students’ time or generate more frustration. Strategies must work. Period.
  2. SEL strategies must be simple and accessible. It is human-nature to seek the simplest, most effective path to a solution. This is especially true when we’re stressed or frustrated! With this in mind, we are very strict about helping students seek the simplest, most accessible and relatable path for understanding themselves and others.
  3. SEL strategies must be delivered with respect.  As students are navigating the path to adulthood, they have many questions and can benefit from wisdom.  But, too often, condescending language such as “take it from an adult,” or “when you grow up you should…,” immediately turns students away.  SOAR® educates students by “speaking” to them with respect (No condescension!), building-up their strengths, and communicating in a manner that honors the unique spirit of each individual. Students find this approach motivating and encouraging.

All Strategies Address the “Real World”

Students can easily detect what is “real” and what is “fake.”  Every lesson that SOAR® SEL Skills presents, includes real, honest, relatable people, stories, situations, and strategies. Students immediately recognize the SOAR® curriculum to be genuine and approachable. All lessons address real, everyday environments, situations, and events.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It…

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