Parent Testimonials

SOAR Binder System a Godsend

SOAR has been a Godsend to our have no idea! My son has not lost one assignment or forgotten anything at school since I set him up with your Binder System. You really demonstrated how to simplify the organizational process and I am so grateful to have found something that finally works!

Paul K.
Middle School
Great to Know I'm Not Alone

I have a child who is bright and enrolled in a very rigorous school, but I realize he does not know how to study properly, manage a longer view of assignments, etc. I recently read your SOAR Study Skills book and subsequently ordered the Homework Help for Parents program. I am a convert! I am also delighted to learn that I am not alone in this battle...

Denise J.
Middle School
Good Grades Despite Grueling Schedule

I'm happy to tell you that my daughter is doing splendidly well in school. We've gone over your book together. You got her off to a good start with the binder system. I do not check her work or even help her at all. Her teachers have told me that she is a model student. She has been responsible in keeping up with her studies and receiving good grades even though she has had a grueling schedule. Thanks so much for what you do for the students.

Debbie M.
High School
Tips Helped Tremendously

He never planned ahead and it drove me crazy! But, you were right...he did not know how to plan ahead. Your tips for teaching him, or should I say "showing" him how to plan ahead have helped tremendously. I'm not mad at him all of the time is a big relief!

Denny M.
High School
Focused about Time Management

Kurt is more focused about his time management. The jar of priorities made a big impact on how he uses his time on a daily basis.

Lachele M.
MIddle School
SOAR Strategies Make Homework Easier

My sons were good students to begin with, but they have used many SOAR strategies to make homework easier for them.

Donna M.
Elementary and Middle School
Ideas to Get More Organized

You got us to start talking about ideas to get her more organized. I'm going to order your book and pass the word about your program to the other moms I know.

Heather B.
Middle School
Strategic Learning Class Helped Tremendously

My daughter took your live Strategic Learning Class this past Fall. She really REALLY enjoyed your class and told me it helped her tremendously at school.

Mary J.
High School
Practical and Easy Tips

Everything is practical and easy to do. Great tips! My son set up a SOAR binder and it is working for him!

Janet C.
Elementary and Middle School
Homework Done Faster

Homework is getting done faster and there is much less fighting in our household!

Nancy V.
Elementary and Middle School

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